IFV-7 series

Multi-parameter oil sensor

IFV series multi-parameter oil sensor adopts patented multi-function integrated detection technology, which is the representative product of large range and multi-parameter in the industry It can complete the detection of dynamic viscosity, density, oil quality, moisture content, temperature, saturation and moisture content at the same time Available with internal model data: real-time kinematic viscosity, 40℃ kinematic viscosity, 100℃ kinematic viscosity, viscosity index, conductivity Such as other detection indicators, truly realize the multi-functional small volume integrated comprehensive application multi-functional online monitoring oil sensor. sense The device uses a G1/2 thread interface, suitable for integrated installation in industrial sites, and one sensor completes the monitoring of 7 indicators, including the amount of viscosity Up to 1200cp, with a moisture content range of 0-100%, the sensor achieves high integration, small size, and retains the characteristics of high precision.

Application field:Steel, petrochemical, shield, power, wind power, large equipment, OEM integration

Applicable oil:Gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, diesel oil, insulation oil

Technical characteristics

  • High precision, large range, integrated multi-functional integrated application sensor
  • High flexibility, suitable for different detection indicators and ranges
  • Industry minimum volume multi-parameter monitoring representative
  • The data is smooth and reliable under different temperature shocks
  • Open interface, multi-protocol adaptation, suitable for different device integration

Dimensions and installation

Working Condition

Maximum oil temperature Oil line pressure Flow rate of oil circuit Operating ambient temperature Highest altitude Maximum vibration Maximum humidity
+85℃ 0-3Mpa ≤1m/s -20℃-85℃ 5000m 2G 95%


Model selection Monitoring index range precision Resolution
IFV-7 Dynamic viscosity high 200-1200CP、low 10-500cp ±3% 0.1cp
density 600 ~1500 kg. m³ ±3% 0.01kg. m³
temperature -35~+85℃ 0.1℃or±3% 0.1℃
Trace moisture 0-10000ppm ±10% 1ppm
Saturation 0-1aw ±0.04 0.01aw
Moisture content 0-100% ±0.03 0.01%
Oil quality 1-80 ±3% 0.01
Options: real-time kinematic viscosity, V40 viscosity, V100 viscosity, viscosity index, conductivity

The above optional indicators and sensors applicable to any of the models can be configured based on actual requirements

The accuracy corresponding to the above performance parameters is the typical value of 25℃. When the data exceeds the requirements of the system working condition, the data may be biased, and the accuracy will be affected by pressure, flow rate, vibration and other factors.

Electrical properties

Communication interface Data transmission power voltage weight Shell material Cable length Class of protection
6 core jet jack RS485/232 ≤2W DC 9V~36V 420G 316L 1.5m IP65

The above performance indicators are suitable for conventional industrial site installation and use, encounter complex and harsh outdoor environment and changes in fluid properties, customized design according to site requirements.