IFF-2 series

Oil quality sensor

(Dielectric constant)

The IFF-2 oil quality sensor is an intelligent sensor for on-line measurement of oil state changes, with its unique sensing structure and internal model It makes it extremely sensitive to changes in oil quality, and can continuously and quickly react to changes in oil status in real time, which is stable for equipment Reliable operation provides a strong guarantee. Oil quality is a comprehensive parameter of oil deterioration, which can characterize the acid value and wear of oil The state of particles, moisture, mechanical impurities, additive cracking, etc., is a powerful means of monitoring the state of the oil and the lubrication effect, Jane Single direct monitoring has a wide range and is the basic measure index of oil product monitoring.

Data transmission mode

Applicable oil:Suitable for lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, gearbox oil, oil, insulation oil, turbine oil, synthetic fat, all kinds of light oil, heavy oil, etc

Dimensions and installation

Data transmission mode

Working Condition

Maximum oil temperature Oil line pressure Flow rate of oil circuit Operating ambient temperature Highest altitude Maximum vibration Maximum humidity
+85℃ 0-3Mpa ≤1m/s -20℃-85℃ 5000m 2G 95%


Model selection Oil quality temperature Representational index
IFF-2 1-80 -35~+85℃ Acid value, base value, wear particles, moisture, mechanical impurities, additive cracking, etc
precision ±3% ±0.5℃ or ±3%

The above optional indicators and sensors applicable to any of the models can be configured based on actual requirements

The accuracy corresponding to the above performance parameters is the typical value of 25℃. In the case of exceeding the requirements of the system working condition, the data may be biased, and the accuracy will change according to the pressure, flow rate, vibration and other data.

Electrical properties

Communication interface Data transmission power voltage weight Cable length Class of protection
6 core jet jack RS485/232 ≤2W DC 9V~36V 140G 316L 1.5m IP65

The above performance indicators are suitable for conventional industrial site installation and use, encounter complex and harsh outdoor environment and fluid property changes, customized design according to site requirements, you can also contact our sales engineers for recommendations