IBJ Series

Portable contamination detector

1um resolution capability
Built-in analysis software
10 criteria
Strong adaptation
Built-in battery

Oil pollution degree detector adopts advanced shading technology, the instrument consists of light source, particle sensor, signal processing unit, particle volume Composed of measuring system, data output module and other components, the instrument can comprehensively monitor the size and quantity of single solid particles in the liquid and the oil Intelligent classification of liquid pollution particles, according to the preset criteria to give the evaluation level, the unique design can effectively eliminate bubbles and water in the oil The instrument can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical, transportation, port, metallurgy, etc. In machinery, automobile manufacturing and other fields, hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil (insulation oil), turbine oil (turbine oil), teeth Wheel oil, engine oil, aviation kerosene, water-based hydraulic oil and other oil solid particle pollution degree detection, and organic liquid, polymerization Insoluble particles were detected in the physical solution.

Data query: According to the input "test standard", "test date", "sample number" can query the corresponding historical data

Historical data acquisition : You can obtain, save, and delete historical data

Report generation function: Information such as equipment number, equipment name, sampling location, liquid sample model, sampling time, sample sending unit, testing standard, pollution degree level of test sample, and quantity of pollution particles can be entered into the report according to the report requirements.

Applicable oil:Gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil, turbine oil, etc

Building block combination and collocation

Working Condition

Maximum oil temperature Sample viscosity In-line sampling pressure Screen size Battery powered Report output Data output
+85℃ 0.5~100mm²/s 0-40Mpa(custom) Five inches 6H Print support USB/COM

Technical parameter

Particle range Measuring channel Particle size resolution Counting accuracy Detection repeatability error Sampling accuracy
1μm~600μm 1μm 8 channels (configurable) 5.1% 10% 1.4% 2%
Detection speed Cleaning speed Sampling volume Sampling time Volume measurement coefficient of variation Detection time Coincidence limit error
0-80ml/minadjustable 5-80ml/min 10ml 1% 0.3% 1min 10000-40000grain/ml

The above indicators are standard indicators in the equipment, not detailed can contact our sales engineers to provide complete technical parameters

Optional accessories

Conventional grading and calibration standards Calibration standard
GB/T14039-2002《Hydraulic Transmission Oil solid Particle Pollution Grade Code》 1)GB/T18854-2002《Calibration of hydraulic fluid automatic particle counter》
ISO4406《Hydraulic oil cleanliness grade standard》 2)ISO4402-1991《Hydraulic transmission. Calibration of instrument for automatic counting of suspended particulates in liquids》
NAS1638《Hydraulic oil cleanliness grade standard》 3)ISO11171《Calibration of hydraulic fluid automatic particle counter》
GJB420A-2006《Aviation working fluid solid pollution degree classification》
GJB420B-2006《Aviation working fluid solid pollution degree classification》
SAE749D《Hydraulic oil cleanliness grade standard》
ГОСТ17216-71《The hydraulic oil level of cleanliness standard》
AS4059D-2001《The hydraulic oil level of cleanliness standard》