Oil micromoisture sensor

IFW series micro-moisture sensor can quickly and accurately detect oil water activity (moisture saturation) and temperature by using front-end sensitive moisture sensing devices. The moisture content model database of the data processor can convert water saturation into the general moisture content PPM value of oil detection. The sensor has built-in moisture saturation curves of hundreds of oil products. The user can switch freely according to the communication protocol, and the system compensation model independently developed by the company makes the sensor adapt to various complex environments with harsh conditions; Combined with the system data processing system, it is a sharp tool for detecting dissolved water in oil products.

Technical characteristics


0-10000ppm Radius

Small volume

Suitable for industrial integrated installation

High life span

Design life up to 10 years

Strong adaptation

Corrosion resistant probe, not easy to damage

Electric power industry:Transformer oil, turbine oil, insulation oil, etc;

Metallurgical iron and steel:Hydraulic oil, gear oil, oil film oil, turbine oil, etc;

Petrochemical industry:Turbine oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil, etc;

Construction machinery:Gearbox oil, oil fluid oil;

Mineral exploitation:Hydraulic oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, wheel oil, etc;

transportation:Hydraulic oil, gear oil, transmission oil, transfer box oil, etc;

Dimensions and installation

Data transmission mode

Working Condition

Maximum oil temperature Oil line pressure Flow rate of oil circuit Operating ambient temperature Highest altitude Maximum vibration Maximum humidity
+85℃ 0-3Mpa ≤1m/s -20℃-85℃ 5000m 2G 95%


Model selection Saturation Moisture content temperature Oil curve model Type of curve
IFV-2A 0-1aw 0-10000ppm -35~+85℃ / /
precision ±0.04 ±10% ±0.1℃ or ±3% precision preimplantable

The above optional indicators and sensors applicable to any of the models can be configured based on actual requirements

The accuracy corresponding to the above performance parameters is the typical value of 25℃. In the case of exceeding the requirements of the system working condition, the data may be biased, and the accuracy will change according to the pressure, flow rate, vibration and other data.

Electrical properties

Communication interface Data transmission power voltage weight Shell material Cable length Class of protection
6 core jet jack RS485/232 ≤2W DC 9V~36V 140g 316L 1.5m IP65

The above performance indicators are suitable for conventional industrial site installation and use, encounter complex and harsh outdoor environment and fluid property changes, customized design according to site requirements, you can also contact our sales engineers for recommendations