In the rolling mill production line of iron and steel plant, the problem of oil film bearing water is easy to occur, when the oil film bearing water, it will reduce the oil viscosity and some oil will be emulsified, making the equipment to establish oil film conditions become harsh. When the system is flooded with water, it will emulsify a large amount of oil and even deteriorate seriously. Due to the intrusion of water and the local lack of lubrication, it will cause the wear of the bearing during the rotation process to increase, and even cause the bearing to be scrapped in serious cases. Smart Match Technology's moisture sensors provide a solution for this.

Program advantage

Accurate and reliable

High-precision sensor to quickly locate oil aging indicators, monitoring rate custom adjustment.

Rich scene

Built-in rich model, suitable for oil film oil, hydraulic oil, gear oil and other applications.

Multiple deployment

Multi-point deployment, single point deployment, system monitoring, applicable to different device pipe installation methods.

Smart Steel predictive maintenance solutions

Bypass monitoring

-On-line monitoring system

The online oil monitoring system adopts the form of main road opening or interface switching, such as the need to monitor the rolling mill oil road, select a suitable position in the main return pipeline of the rolling mill oil road, introduce the oil to the interface of online oil monitoring, and realize the oil circuit circulation. Data collection, data analysis, data display (localization), and data upload cloud servers can be integrated, truly saving worry, money and effort, and monitoring data is stable and reliable.


Main road monitoring

-Multi-point acquisition sensor

In different equipment, there are many key data points, and the method of multi-point collection and single point processing can greatly save costs. During installation, holes can be directly made in the system pipeline, and the sensor can be embedded in the pipeline. The sensor is designed to resist corrosion, impact, pressure and high stability, and can collect multi-point oil aging information during system operation. Discover unexpected faults such as water intake and pollution in time, quickly locate the fault location, and achieve accurate collection.


Main road monitoring

-Multifunctional sensor

The main road multi-function monitoring is suitable for the transformation of the lubrication system and the use of large-area deployment. The sensor is installed by using flange transfer or pipeline transformation on the lubrication pipe road. The sensor is suitable for the installation of a variety of different standard flanges and different pipe diameters, and the internal integration of a variety of monitoring indicators. The data can be uploaded and displayed in a centralized mode to maximize the economic effect.


Smart Steel predictive maintenance solutions

Hydraulic system

The operation of equipment is ensured based on the development model of hydraulic system oil use environment

40℃ kinematic viscosity, moisture content (PPM), saturation (Aw) pollution particle size distribution, pollution degree classification, oil quality

Lubrication system

The whole life management system of abnormal wear of gear lubricating oil was established

40℃ Kinematic viscosity, moisture content (PPM), moisture content (%), ferromagnetic wear particles, non-ferromagnetic wear particles, wear concentration (PPM) oil quality

Oil film oil system

Excess water invasion protection solution, monitoring key areas through multi-point deployment

Moisture content (%), saturation (Aw), moisture content, dielectric constant

High precision sensing technology

  • Viscosity range 10-1200cp
  • Pollution degree grade accuracy ±0.5级
  • Particle limit error±2%
  • Saturation accuracy±0.04
  • Detection rate of wear particles≤95%

Built-in rich model algorithm

  • Built-in interference algorithm for different oil viscosity
  • Hundreds of water saturation conversion models
  • Wear concentration analysis algorithm

Iot remote operation and maintenance

  • Edge computing gateway for different protocols
  • Support equipment management, alarm setting, operation and maintenance rights
  • Cross-platform data docking, joint processing

Customer case

Intelligent match technology oil monitoring helps enterprises to achieve digital scientific operation and maintenance


Baotou Steel Group

Intelligent rolling hydraulic station online oil monitoring

Assist the CCS hydraulic station of Inner Mongolia Baotou Iron and Steel Group rail and beam plant to achieve multi-point deployment, single-point calculation and treatment of the high and low pressure hydraulic system, monitor the oil pollution particle distribution, water intrusion...


Yonggang Group Lianfeng steel

Smart steel online monitoring case

Lianfeng Iron and Steel in the intelligent transformation and upgrading for all the hydraulic system of the steel mill oil circuit 24-hour cycle monitoring, to solve the problem of sampling and detection of oil pollution particles distribution in the steel mill lag, sampling non-standard...


Jijing Iron and Steel Group

Online-mobile pollution analysis solution

The equipment of the steel mill is scattered, the traditional experimental instrument is single, and the weight is large, and it is not easy to move. The dual-use product solution of smart match technology can realize the on-site online monitoring of pollution and moisture, and can also...


Baosteel Group

Case study of equipment integrated oil monitoring

For the important production equipment gear system of Baosteel Shanghai factory, we provide pre-installed online oil monitoring sensor, customized sensor interface and structure, and integrated integration with equipment travel to create a more intelligent factory.