How to manage lubricating oil scientifically and extend equipment life?

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  Equipment lubrication is figuratively likened to the "life blood" of the mechanical world, which is not an exaggeration. In various fields such as industrial production, transportation, construction engineering, lubrication is an indispensable link to ensure the normal operation of mechanical equipment. Whether it is a huge factory production line or small mechanical equipment, proper lubrication is needed to reduce friction, cool components, seal critical parts, and prevent corrosion. However, to truly understand the importance of lubrication requires an in-depth understanding of its profound impact on equipment performance and life.

  First, the basis of lubrication management

  1.1 Friction and wear

  Friction is the force that occurs when two surfaces move relative to each other to prevent movement. Wear is the gradual loss and destruction of surface materials due to friction. These two concepts are inevitable problems in the operation of mechanical equipment, but lubricants can effectively reduce their impact.

  1.2 Main functions of lubricating oil

  Reduce friction: The lubricating oil forms a lubricating film on the contact surface of the mechanical parts, reducing friction and allowing the parts to slide relatively easily, thus reducing energy loss and heat generation.

  Cooling: Heat generated by friction can compromise the performance and life of equipment. Lube oil helps to cool components, absorb and disperse heat, and prevent overheating and thermal damage.

  Seal: The lubricating oil can form a seal between the mechanical parts to prevent external impurities and contaminants from entering the equipment, while preventing the lubricating oil from leaking.

  Corrosion protection: Special additives in lubricating oil can prevent damage to equipment components due to oxidation and corrosion.

  Lubricating oil online monitoring product introduction: oil online monitoring and analysis system

  Second, the steps of scientific use of lubricating oil

  Lubricating oil online monitoring system

  Best practices for lubrication management

  Lubrication management is an indispensable part of the maintenance of machinery and equipment, and its importance cannot be underestimated. Through scientific management of lubrication work, it can effectively extend the life of equipment, improve its performance, reduce maintenance costs, and reduce the adverse impact on the environment.

  Lubricating oil online monitoring system

  Online monitoring: Deploy online monitoring equipment to monitor key parameters such as lubrication, temperature, vibration, and noise in real time. Check the lubrication effect, monitor the temperature and noise of the equipment, and observe whether the equipment runs smoothly.

  Using online monitoring technology, the operation data of the equipment can be obtained at any time, any anomalies can be detected in time, and necessary preventive measures can be taken to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, thus further improving the reliability and life of the equipment. Online monitoring enables more intelligent lubrication management, improves the level of predictive maintenance of equipment, and ensures continuity and reliability of production processes.

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