Analysis of wear lubrication failure of plain bearing

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The lower half of the split sleeve bearing has obvious wear and performance failure phenomenon, which leads to the abnormal running state of the cold water pump. The color of the oil sample found in the split sleeve bearing shows an anomaly, appearing green or gray, which is significantly different from normal oil lubrication. This abnormal oil color indicates that the bearing has been subjected to excessive wear and stress during operation, which can lead to reduced performance and durability problems of the cold water pump.


First, sliding bearing lubrication problems

1, lubricating oil viscosity is too high

When starting at a low temperature, insufficient supply of lubricating oil (annual maximum not exceeding 2,000 cSt when starting) or due to lubricating oil degradation (lubricating oil oxidation) may occur;

2, lubricating oil viscosity is too low

The viscosity is too low for the application (related to bearing size, load and speed);

3, the oil temperature is high

The lubricating oil supply is too hot, resulting in the lubricating oil film is too thin and may form bearing deposits;


4. Lose the gap

The edge contact load and bearing damage due to the mechanical disalignment;

5. Overload

Lead to high temperature and lubricating oil film thinning, starting load is too large, hinder and delay the formation of fluid power lubricating oil film, resulting in bearing damage;

6. Excessive axis detour

The bearing is unstable and the shaft is rotated synchronously, which is caused by too high viscosity, or oil supply problems, or mechanical problems.

7, lost bearing bearing surface

Due to other textures, such as fatigue, electrical erosion, cavitation erosion, scratching, corrosion, etc., the bearing surface is damaged.

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Best practices for plain bearings


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