Introduction of wind farm fan monitoring system (Main contents and common faults of wind farm monitoring)

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First, wind farm fan monitoring system introduction

Wind farm fan monitoring system is used for real-time monitoring, control and management of wind turbine (fan) operating status and performance of the system. The system collects various data of the fan, including vibration, temperature, current, power and other parameters, and processes and interprets the data through data analysis and algorithm model to achieve fault warning, performance optimization, operation and maintenance management and other functions.

The main components of wind farm fan monitoring system include: sensor and monitoring equipment, data acquisition and transmission system, detection center, data analysis and fault diagnosis software, remote control system, visual interface.

Second, what are the wind farm fan monitoring systems

Wind farm fan monitoring system is used for real-time monitoring, control and management of wind turbines (fans) operating status and performance of the system. The system usually consists of the following major components.

1. Data acquisition and monitoring unit. The unit is responsible for collecting various data during the operation of the fan, including wind speed, wind direction, temperature, vibration, current, power and other parameters. Data acquisition can be done via sensors, monitoring equipment or a control system directly connected to the fan.

2. Data transmission and storage unit. The collected data is transmitted to the server or cloud platform through network or wireless communication, and is stored and backed up. This enables remote access and data sharing, facilitating the operation and management of wind farms.

3. Data analysis and fault diagnosis unit. By processing and analyzing the collected data, the system can realize the monitoring and analysis of the fan's running status and performance. Using data analysis algorithms and models, the system is able to diagnose fan failures, predict failure risks, and provide appropriate alerts and recommendations.

4, remote control and scheduling unit. The unit allows remote control of fan start-stop, regulation and mode switching. Through remote monitoring and control, it can respond to the operation of the wind farm and market demand in time to optimize the power generation efficiency and reliability of the fan.

5. Visual interface and report generation. The system provides a user-friendly visual interface to display the fan's operating status and performance data in the form of charts, dashboards, maps, etc. At the same time, the system can generate reports and statistical analysis to support the operational decisions of the wind farm.

Wind farm fan monitoring system recommendation: wind power gearbox online monitoring scheme

The main objective of a wind farm fan monitoring system is to ensure the normal operation of the fan and maximize the efficiency of power generation. By monitoring and analyzing wind turbine data in real time, the system can provide functions such as fault diagnosis and prediction, performance optimization, maintenance planning and remote control to improve the operating efficiency, reliability and economy of wind farms


Third, the main content and common faults of wind farm monitoring

The main contents of wind farm operation monitoring include the following aspects.

1, fan operation status monitoring. Monitor the running status of the fan, including fan speed, torque, power output, temperature, vibration and other parameters. This can help judge the normal working state of the fan and discover abnormal conditions in time.

2, wind field power output monitoring. Monitor the overall power output of the wind farm, including the total installed capacity of the wind farm, actual power generation, power generation efficiency, etc. This helps to assess the generating capacity and economics of wind farms.

3, wind speed and direction monitoring. Monitoring the wind speed and direction of the wind farm can help predict the power generation potential of the fan and the operation status of the wind farm.

4. Transmission system monitoring. Monitor the operating status of the wind farm's transmission system, including transformers, switchgear, cables, etc., to ensure the reliability of power transmission and distribution.

5. Telemetry and remote control system. Through the telemetry and remote control system, the remote monitoring and remote operation of the fan are realized, including starting and stopping, adjusting the operation mode, etc. This can improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost and risk of manual intervention.

Common failures in wind farms include.

1. The fan is faulty. Fan blade damage, main bearing failure, gearbox failure, etc. These failures can lead to fan downtime or unstable operation, reducing power generation efficiency.

2. Transmission system failure. Transformer failure, cable disconnection, switchgear failure, etc. These failures can result in interruption or loss of power transmission.

3, electrical equipment failure. Generator failure, inverter failure, electrical control system failure, etc. These faults may cause the fan to fail to operate normally or run stably.

4, environmental factors failure. Faults caused by bad weather conditions such as lightning strikes, snow and ice cover. These faults may cause damage or affect the normal operation of fans and transmission systems.

The purpose of wind farm operation monitoring is to discover and diagnose these faults in time, and take corresponding repair and maintenance measures to ensure the normal operation and power generation efficiency of wind farms. Through real-time monitoring and analysis of fan and transmission system data, the monitoring system provides fault diagnosis, early warning and remote control functions to help operation and maintenance personnel deal with faults in time, reduce downtime, and improve the reliability and economy of wind farms.

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