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' intelligent Lubrication 'online oil monitoring system

Author:online oil monitorin Time:2021-11-16 10:59
The online oil monitoring system integrates multi-parameter monitoring of oil trace moisture, viscosity, tax rate, pollution degree, wear debris particles, oil quality and oil temperature. According to the characteristics of different lubricants used by mechanical equipment, different parameters can be matched and grouped. integrated. The instrument adopts the current advanced sensor technology to realize the stability of on-site data collection through internal system integration, data calibration, reliability testing, etc.; adopts an advanced monitoring system to realize the on-line monitoring and fault warning function of important unit oil multiple indicators. The oil monitoring device adopts a modular test unit combination design. The user selects the required function combination independent test unit according to the oil monitoring requirements of different production lines. The monitoring oil bypass sampling flows through the test unit and returns to the fuel tank. Multiple test units independently form a subsystem to complete the signal collection, basic calculation, and timely warning of the test unit. Realize different parameter matching group integration. The instrument adopts the current advanced sensor technology, and realizes the stability of on-site data collection through internal system integration, data calibration, and reliability testing.

  • Data Standardization:The system directly outputs 40℃ kinematic viscosity (dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity), oil quality, pollution particles and other data, changing the low-end online system can only output the data of a single index at the current temperature and the laboratory standard asymmetry problem, opening up the online Monitor the consistency with laboratory data.
  • Data Processing:The system supports data backup, remote diagnosis, and provides management personnel with a basis for decision-making analysis. It can develop early changes in equipment failures in a timely manner. The time, type, degree, authenticity of the failure, and the location of the failure can be digitized. Visualization greatly saves the company's operation and maintenance costs, and enhances the level of technology and informationization. 
  • High Integration:A sensor structure, internal integration of viscosity, density, oil quality, temperature sensing devices, reduce the volume of the sensor is easy to install, more important is to reduce the interference of multiple sensors and bring oil disturbance.  
  • Data Processing And Algorithms:Possess complete and detailed data processing algorithms and models, which can effectively screen input data, interference data, and purify data streams; at the same time, have complete data and algorithm models to ensure that effective oil index data analysis results and recommendations are truly formed productive forces.
  • Strong ExpansibilityThe corresponding interface is left in the system design, and the monitoring index can be added at any time. At the same time, there is a corresponding data interface in the software, which is convenient for secondary development and other applications of data.
  • Powerful SoftwareSupports resumable transmission, network failure or other communication failures, the system can store data locally, and the stored data can be uploaded after the communication is normal. The system can also browse the monitoring data on any computer. The data supports remote backup and remote Diagnostic analysis.