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INZOC Technology has landed as a strategic partner

Author:INZOC Oil Monitoring Time:2021-11-15 17:25

INZOC Technology has landed as a strategic partner of the IFLYTEK Global Developer Conference!




IFLYTEK Developer Festival

The 2021 IFLYTEK 1024 Developers Festival was hosted by the Anhui Provincial Department of Economics and Information Technology and the Hefei Municipal People's Government. It opened in Hefei, Anhui Province from October 23rd to 26th. In addition to participating in various industry forums, listening to keynote speeches from various industries, AI public welfare music festival and other activities, this year's 1024 Developer Festival also has a large-scale 1024 Science Fair. In addition to various cool AI products such as cool bionic robots, holographic digital humans, and fitness mirrors, a large number of various applications and solutions will be exhibited at the exhibition. The Antelope Industrial Internet Platform was invited to make its debut at the 1024 Section Exhibition! As a leading company in the field of oil monitoring sensors, INZOC Technology provides in-depth technical support in the field of oil for the IFLYTEK Industry!






INZOC/IFLYTEK Leaf Industrial Intelligence


As a partner of IFLYTEK's industrial sensor, INZOC Technology provides a number of technical support in the field of oil data analysis, including: oil temperature, density, moisture, viscosity, pollution, wear debris particles, etc. The project data, and IFLYTEK, together with the University of Science and Technology, promote the deep integration of artificial intelligence and all aspects of the industrial industry, use AI to empower manufacturing, energy, power, coal and other fields, realize the deep coverage of AI applications in the industrial industry, and help industrial enterprises achieve digitalization and intelligence Upgrade.







INZOC Oil Monitoring Sensor


Sensor type: physical and chemical indicators, pollution particles, wear debris analysis
Sensor: all-in-one viscosity (temperature, density), oil quality, moisture content, micro-moisture, pollution degree, wear debris particles.
INZOC specializes in the in-depth development of oil monitoring sensors. The current products have independent intellectual property rights, and the products are also used in various complex industrial fields all over the world.




Our advantage

As a full range of solution providers for oil monitoring sensors, INZOC Technology has a complete set of solutions. Its viscosity sensors typically integrate 7 indicators. The viscosity monitoring range reaches 1200cp, and the wear debris particles sensor has the smallest recognition capability. Reaching 30um is not only an improvement in parameters, but also a demonstration of our deep cultivation in the field of basic research and development


At present, in the era of industrial Internet of Everything, intelligent equipment operation and maintenance is placed at a very important position. INZOC will base on customer application needs, continue to innovate and provide value, and provide safe and reliable products through deep cultivation of basic science, forming equipment monitoring The system aims to become a practitioner and leader in the field of online oil monitoring in China, and join hands with our customers to open the road of industrial sustainable development empowered by AI.