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INZOC Online Oil Monitoring System Helps China Railway

Author:Online Oil Monitorin Time:2021-11-15 17:25
INZOC Online Oil Monitoring System Helps China Railway Group's Shield Machine to Realize Digital Operation Management



 The shield machine system is divided into hydraulic and gear systems. The working environment of the shield system is very harsh, with a large amount of groundwater and dust invasion. As the movement of the shield parts, the hydraulic system plays a key role in the support of the system, and the gears are highly loaded. The work brings about abnormal wear of the cutter head drive system, and the oil contains rich information of the equipment, which can reflect the health of the equipment in real time.

02/Customer Pain Point


The core system of the shield machine is divided into a hydraulic system and a gear cutter head operating system. The hydraulic system plays a vital role in the support of the shield working surface, the rotary conveying motor, and the hydraulic filter system. The normal operation of the hydraulic system concerns the entire underground shield. The operational efficiency and effectiveness of the structural system, once the equipment fails, will have very serious consequences for the advancement of the project and production safety. The implementation of health management for such large-scale equipment is an urgent problem to be solved.





The IOL system is a set of online remote intelligent oil monitoring and diagnosis system of INZOC based on the Internet of Things cloud platform. It realizes the online real-time monitoring of key indicators such as oil moisture, viscosity, pollution degree, and wear debris particles. Remote intelligent monitoring and diagnosis of oil status and equipment operating status. This product integrates advanced oil sensor, cloud platform Internet of Things and big data technology, combined with INZOC’s core data algorithm accumulated for years of oil monitoring, greatly improving the accuracy, timeliness, and effectiveness of data analysis. Help customers realize remote intelligent monitoring of equipment, predictive maintenance, improve equipment operating efficiency and production capacity, reduce equipment maintenance and lubrication total costs, and provide 360° all-round real-time online monitoring of oil. The system architecture is as follows:在线油液监测系统

Hardware Constitution

The internal part of the system is composed of "sensor unit", "sensing fixed unit", "data processing unit", and "data sending unit" to realize real-time oil monitoring and data processing.



Software Function

1. Multi-information processing: Multi-information processing can realize joint analysis of multiple data indicators, predictive calculations, real-time alarms, and intelligent early warning of system monitoring data;
2. Realize basic model calculation for oil judgment; kinematic viscosity correction: real-time correction calculation of viscosity-temperature equation; real-time kinematic viscosity regression to standard temperature kinematic viscosity calculation;
3. Monitoring indicators: real-time data monitoring of the viscosity, moisture, pollution degree, oil temperature and other indicators of the monitoring equipment;
4. Data processing and display: support real-time observation index, data alarm, historical data report export, historical trend analysis, fault alarm;

04/Program implementation


System installation position: hydraulic oil tank filter cycle unit element
Oil taking position; in front of fuel tank filter
Oil return position: behind the filter
Hydraulic system monitoring indicators: pollution degree, moisture content, dynamic viscosity, kinematic viscosity, 40 degree viscosity, dielectric constant, temperature
Oil fetching position: filter pressure test connector



System installation position: hydraulic oil tank pressure gauge bracket


The deployment of the system provides 24-hour real-time monitoring of the hydraulic circulation unit of the shield machine, which realizes the digitization and intelligence of equipment management, greatly reduces the uncontrollable risks of equipment operation, and reduces the operation and maintenance costs of the enterprise.

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