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online oil monitoring based on the industrial Internet

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What is "online oil monitoring" based on the industrial Internet?


To understand what online oil monitoring is, we first understand two concepts, "Industrial Internet" and "Online Oil Monitoring"



01/Industrial Internet


"Industrial Internet" is also the so-called "Industry 4.0"-driven by technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, the transformation from computer systems to cyber-physical systems, combined with cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, and underlying sensing The combination of technology realizes the intercommunication and interaction between equipment and network, and people and network, and realizes visualized and predictable intelligent operation and maintenance.

02/Online Oil Monitoring


"Online oil monitoring" belongs to equipment condition monitoring (also known as predictive maintenance). It is an important part of modern equipment management system. It monitors various key status parameters (such as pollution degree) of equipment lubrication status through underlying sensing technology. , Physical and chemical indicators and wear debris particles, etc.), analyze and determine the wear status of the equipment, the pollution status of the oil and its lubrication status, and determine the operating status and potential risks of the equipment. Determine and optimize equipment maintenance and repair cycles, effectively improve equipment reliability, reduce equipment maintenance and repair costs, oil monitoring technology can improve equipment availability and production efficiency, reduce maintenance costs and total cost of ownership, and reduce The number of failures and shutdowns, optimization of equipment operating performance and improvement of safety factor.

IOL Online Oil Monitoring System


The IOL system is a set of online remote intelligent oil monitoring and diagnosis system of INZOC based on the Internet of Things cloud platform. It realizes the online real-time monitoring of key indicators such as oil moisture, viscosity, pollution degree, and wear debris particles. Remote intelligent monitoring and diagnosis of oil status and equipment operating status. This product integrates advanced oil sensors, cloud platform Internet of Things and big data technology, combined with INZOC’s core data algorithms accumulated for years of oil monitoring, greatly improving the accuracy, timeliness, and effectiveness of data analysis. Help customers realize remote intelligent monitoring of equipment, predictive maintenance, improve equipment operating efficiency and production capacity, reduce the total cost of equipment maintenance and lubrication, and provide 360° all-round real-time online monitoring of oil to ensure the reliable operation of your valuable equipment Provide strong protection. Promote green and intelligent manufacturing, bring advanced equipment operation and maintenance methods to enterprises, and produce higher commercial value.

Physical and chemical indicators monitoring

Viscosity, Micro Moisture,Moisture Content, Oil Quality, Wear Debris Particles

Pollution particles

Built-in NAS1638, GJB/A, GJB/B standards, 8-channel real-time monitoring

Online monitoring system process


System advantages

The underlying sensing

The online system integrates a variety of sensing technologies to monitor the indicators of oil products in an all-round way;


Big data analysis

The equipment has built-in standard aging curves of different oil products. Through the monitoring of the circulating oil circuit of the system and the comparison and calibration of massive data, the health indicators of the oil products are established; the first and second alarm threshold settings can provide an effective and reliable early warning mechanism for the equipment ;


Minimum analysis of ferromagnetic wear 30um



10-1200cp long-range viscosity monitoring capability

The self-developed FOS model data, combined with industry-leading data processing modules, constitute a large-scale, high-precision viscosity monitoring product, which is a representative work of the industry's top technology;


Oil Monitoring Expert


Oil Monitoring Expert
Focusing on the field of oil monitoring and cultivating the underlying sensing technology, we are committed to promoting the development of the industry and promoting the efficient "operation" of industrial lubrication